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Designed to look like a three-dimensional kaleidoscope that ignores the laws of physics with its luminescent appearance as a moving object; Lighthouse Tower in Melbourne’s CBD is a 69-storey residential development comprising of 607 units, automated car parking stacker system, recreational facilities, resident lounge areas, and of course amazing views right across Melbourne.

Using traditional masonry techniques for achieving corners, the Light House Tower gives the illusion that it is turning on its axis, with the appearance of no corners and reflective colour changing panels, which create a vibrant mosaic that stands out in Melbourne’s urban setting. The design also maximises natural light and ventilation, whilst providing residents with privacy and exclusive panoramic views of the city.

Interior design schemes include timber veneers, natural stone benchtops, full height doors, an integrated T.V. unit, and zoned mood lighting. Residents have access to abundant common spaces, such as modern lounge and dining rooms, 25m indoor pool, outdoor heated spa, and gym with outdoor exercise terrace.

Light House Tower required great attention to detail to create the minimalistic interiors designed by Architects Elenburg Fraser. Custom solutions were required to meet this level of detail, including the installation of 2,500 EZYJamb door jamb systems throughout the building to create full height concealed door frames and EZY Finishing Sections to provide the desired square set interiors and flush finishes required to achieve a consistent contemporary theme throughout the build.

Manufactured by Studco Building Systems, EZYJamb and EZY Finishing Sections are made from the world-renowned BlueScope Steel, are simple to install and meet the finished surfaces standard AS/NZS 2311:2009 to ensure they can be painted immediately, which in turn saved Multiplex time and money when completing the project.

To ensure the interior met the luxurious needs of this demanding design, it was imperative for the developers to partner with a provider that could offer a high level of service, including fast turnaround on technical enquiries, flexibility in design constraints and a reliable supply of products.

Express Interiors Project Foreman Chan Som mentions; “Working with Studco provided Express Interiors with the confidence that we could meet specific project design requirements and deliver results on time. Studco’s innovation is clearly revolutionizing the future of apartment living”

Constant collaboration between Multiplex and Studco was imperative to complete Light House Tower in the given time constraints, a testament of Studco’s mission to make sure their customers can be industry leaders that can provide a competitive edge and quality finish with any project. 


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