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Ezy Jamb’s new London office has opened to support the new product rollout in 2017. By analyzing over a decade’s worth of highly valued customer feedback–and intensive research and development– Ezy Jamb has improved and refined its global product portfolio, and part of this involves expanding Ezy Jamb’s presence in the United Kingdom.

Introducing new Ezy Jamb products for architects and specifiers

“In 2017, we will also expand what’s available in the UK, which includes a single rebate frame, a flush inward opening frame and a complete pocket door system all incorporating the Ezy Jamb clean line technology,” said Ben Stevens, Global Managing Director for Ezy Jamb. “We felt that the time was right to open up a new office in London to support our UK customers and the new product roll out.”


The new SRC (Single Rebate) Ezy Jamb frame gives an even cleaner look than the original Ezy Jamb EZC system, and is made from a higher grade of steel. It  wraps around the wall and is plastered up prior to installation. This gives it a completely seamless look. Due to its robust heavy grade, it is better suited for higher use installations such as hotels, commercial and retail buildings.

So if you are an architect or specifier looking for something unique and modern for any of your long term projects, take a look at our new products to see if they might meet your need. If you like what you see, reach out to us at the Ezy Jamb UK contact page so we can discuss your project requirements.

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