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EzyJamb Door Jamb System FAQs

January 9, 2015

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Q. What’s so unique about the EZYJamb flush finish door jamb? 

A. EZYJamb is the only door jamb system that eliminates trim, giving you that subtle, contemporary, clean line look. It’s durable, it’s affordable and is at home in commercial offices and showrooms, quality homes and public spaces like hospitals and schools.

Q. How is the EZYJamb constructed? 

A. EZYJamb is split type trimless steel door jamb system which is fully adjustable to any wall thickness.

Q. How is EZYJamb fastened to the wall?

A. EZYJamb is screwed through the drywall in the wall framing with drywall screws every 200mm (through the perforated sides), becoming a solid part of the wall structure.

Q. How is the  EZYJamb finished with the drywall? 

A. EZYJamb is installed over the drywall, and has 35mm perforated sides to be finished over with finishing compound, to achieve clean lines around the doorway.   

Q. Can I fit architraves with the EZYJamb system? 

A. Yes, architraves can be used, but the EZYJamb concept is to create an ‘architrave-free’ opening.

Q. What about skirting — what can be used? 

A. Any type of skirting can be used but to compliment the flush finish look — “Alubase” slim line aluminum skirting which is only 1.6mm in thickness is the best matching option.

Q. What about finishing — do I have to use any special paint? 

A. The EZYJamb frames are manufactured from zinc annealed steel and can be painted without any special preparation, so long as it is free of dust, dirt and oil.

Q. What about hinges?

A. EZYJamb can be used with a variety of concealed and non-mortised hinges.

Q. Can EZYJamb be used if I have a solid core door?

A. Yes, EZYJamb can be used with a solid core door. You will need to make sure that you are using the correct hinge and quantity to accommodate the door weight.

Q. Will drywall crack around the edges of the finished EZYJamb? 

A. Drywall around the edges of the EZYJamb will not crack if the EZYJamb is installed according to the installation guide — i.e. must be screwed off every 200mm and double screwed at the hinge points and top corners. EZYJamb then becomes an integral part of the wall.

Q. Can EZYJamb be used in a doorway with no header? 

A. Yes, custom made EZYJambs are available with no header for full height doors

Q. How can I achieve that flush finish look throughout the rest of my project?

A. Check out our extensive Ezy-Finishing range.

Q. Pocket Doors  — how do I match in the clean line look?

A. A range of Pocket trims are available to transform your existing cavity slider unit into an trimless door way.

Q. Can I match my windows with the clean line look? 

A. Yes, a large range of Ezy Reveal angles are available so that your whole project will blend in with the trimless door frame look.

Q. Is EZYJamb fire rated? 

A. Yes, EZYJamb has been tested in the US by Intertek and is fire rated up to 90 minutes (for the US region).


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